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    Providing Strata Services
    for Your Community
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    20 years of experience
    managing strata properties in Melaka

Our Services

Property Management Services

  • to give opinions on strata statutory requirements & legislation.
  • to attend and assist in meetings preparation.
  • to assist in calling comparative quotes for contractual services.
  • to assist in negotiating with service providers.
  • to coordinate works & supervise works by service providers.
  • to submit monthly report.

Operation and Maintenance Services

  • joint building inspection with Committee.
  • assist in planning preventive maintenance schedule.
  • to assist in getting repair quotes.
  • to liaise with service providers and ensure they meet the set KPIs.
  • to monitor and give feedbacks to service providers so that SOPs are followed.
  • to suggest on improvement works in the property.
  • to prepare checklist for maintenance staff & service providers.

Administrative Management Services

  • to guide staff in keeping and updating strata rolls, records, licenses, plans, etc.
  • to advise in notices & correspondences.
  • to assist in obtaining insurance quotes.
  • to liaise with Committee’s legal advisers on legal matters when required.

Accounting and Billing Management Services

  • advise and give opinions on account related matters.
  • to advise on billing matters.
  • to assist in arranging audits.
  • to check on accounts.

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