Our Services


  • to give opinions on strata statutory requirements & legislation.
  • to attend and assist in meetings preparation.
  • to assist in calling comparative quotes for contractual services.
  • to assist in negotiating with service providers.
  • to coordinate works & supervise works by service providers.
  • to submit monthly report.


  • to guide staff in keeping and updating strata rolls, records, licenses, plans, etc.
  • to advise in notices & correspondences.
  • to assist in obtaining insurance quotes.
  • to liaise with Committee’s legal advisers on legal matters when required.


  • advise and give opinions on account related matters.
  • to advise on billing matters.
  • to assist in arranging audits.
  • to check on accounts.


  • joint building inspection with Committee.
  • assist in planning preventive maintenance schedule.
  • to assist in getting repair quotes.
  • to liaise with service providers and ensure they meet the set KPIs.
  • to monitor and give feedbacks to service providers so that SOPs are followed.
  • to suggest on improvement works in the property.
  • to prepare checklist for maintenance staff & service providers.

Management services and support to be provided by RPMC will be as below:

  • To bill and collect from registered owners maintenance charges, sinking fund contributions, etc.
  • To issue reminders to defaulters.
  • Keep proper records and account of all monies collected and expended.
  • Ensure that all charges, expenses, disbursements and such other outgoing from time to time are payable and duly approved by the MC/JMC.
  • Liaise with auditors of MC/JMC to have the accounts audited yearly as required by the law.
  • Arrange Annual General Meeting and Council meetings.
  • Prepare annual budget for approval at Annual General Meetings.
  • Prepare minutes of AGMs and Council meetings.
  • Arrange for insurance against all risks as directed by the MC/JMC.
  • To supervise contractors employed by MC/JMC.
  • Obtain competitive quotes for works and purchases by the MC/JMC.
  • Check and certify works done by contractors, purchases and make recommendation for payment.
  • Deal with inquiries, complaints, reports & correspondence.
  • Check and enforce House Rules or any rules set and approved by the MC/JMC.
  • Establish and maintain good relationship with occupiers and registered owners within the property

Past Projects

Some of notable projects Chong KG the Committees and his team have successfully handled and participated in:

  • Negotiated and convinced the Melaka State Government to review the sea reclamationplan in Klebang in year 2007 and 2012
  • Repainting of 3 blocks of 31-storey buildings
  • Changing of galvanized-iron water supply pipes in 2 properties
  • Water proofing works on the 3 blocks rooftop
  • Water proofing of tennis courts
  • Carried out swimming pool repointing exercise
  • Construction of sea retention wall
  • Modernization of lifts in 2 properties